We are developing a program for emerging artists from the Arab countries to deepen their artistic research and technical knowledge of digital media.

Curatorial research and care will be done by junior curators who are working on their first exhibition projects. They will be supervised by one experienced senior curator in their research, their choices and their cooperation with the artists.

In the mentoring program, the participating artists will meet with a professional curator to reflect on their artistic approach. To broaden their technical knowledge and to reach out for the latest technology, they will be instructed by a media technician. This will include safety and security training.

In the experimentation phase, artists will be supported by the junior curators. These will advocate for them in the selection committee with the artistic directors of the project, Bettina Pelz and Aymen Gharbi.

Art mediation and documentation will be done jointly by artists and junior curators.

For future opportunities and international networking, participating artists will be invited to a portfolio visit with international curators during the time of the exhibition.


Mohamed Gharbi. SEE DJERBA Houmt Souk 2019. Photo: Mohamed Gharbi.